Welcome to the USSU webpage for the Chess Society! Please note our weekly session location has CHANGED – AGAIN!

Do you want to learn to play one of the most popular and oldest board games?
Chess is a head-to-head battle between two players where there is no luck; only crafty tricks, solid planning and time management will see you emerge victorious.

The Chess Society is a super friendly environment suitable for Chess players of all levels; whether you don’t know how any of the pieces move, or if you’re pursuing a chess Master title.

We meet every SUNDAY at 6-9pm in the TB building (rooms TB11, TB12A, TB12B for casual chess matches/mini-tournaments, and lessons!). Membership is completely FREE and we have many chessboards for you to use! Go check out our instagram @surreychesssoc if you need any more details!

We will be delivering a fun and informative chess curriculum starting from the first week – so don’t worry if you have no idea how to play!! Please check our instagram for more details on what we’re pencilling in for each week! Complete beginners are also always welcome regardless of the curriculum’s progress!

You can acquire your FREE membership at https://www.ussu.co.uk/activity/Pages/GetMemberships.aspx (If you’re having trouble getting membership on your phone, please try the USSU site again on a PC!)