Welcome to MADSoc


8 things about the Music and Drama Society:

  • 1: we like games & connection & collaboration
  • 2: we like music & drama & laughter
  • 3: we are FREE! membership is FREE
  • 4: life doesn’t have to be all serious
  • 5: we are an island, an oasis, a sanctuary, here to boost your joy
  • 6: creativity is super great
  • 7: you are phenomenally great!
  • 8: come play and together we’ll be super phenomenally great

Our members come from a huge range of courses – from Aerospace to Veterinary, we value all our members from all disciplines. Everyone has creative potential and a creative voice.

Critics say:

‘none of them take themselves seriously, they just laugh together, what is happening’!

– a grownup passerby

‘9 out of 10 dentists agree, MADSoc is not a substitute for regular flossing’!

– my dentist Phil

‘if anyone did that to a stranger on a park bench they’d be socially frowned upon’!

– Lou Wilson

‘not bad for a free society I guess’!

– Vice Chancellor Max Lu

‘that was actually really fun okay I get it now’!

– Mae Martin

‘how did you get into my dressing room?!?!!’!

– Rik Mayall circa 1997

Our sessions alternate between Musical and Dramatic workshops. Dramatic workshops, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays, will be improv games as well as developing sketches/scripted material. The MADSoc Explorchestra workshops on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays will explore musicmaking with nonstandard instruments, as well as playing with sounds the voice and body can make.

Events 2022-23:

-Regular Tuesday sessions 1800-2000 (for everybody who wants to play!)

*with Acapella Choir 2000-2130!

-Regular Thursday open mic nights, hosted in collaboration with Stag Radio (for anybody looking to perform in a low-pressure, high-encouragement environment)


Psycho Hill – filming 15th and 16th October, vocal recording TBC – a Halloween mashup (for acapella singers, vocal/body percussionists, and anyone who wants to act in our music video; think Glee meets Scream meets Bugsy Malone…as the Talking Heads meet Kate Bush…)

Winter Music Hall – 6th December, Wates House, doors at 1900 for a show start at 1930 (for anybody wanting to show their glorious musical/dramatic/expressive skills to an audience; a variety show performance, the apex of open mics, a delicious mixed cabaret)

Spring Ceilidh/Dance Extravaganza – semester 2 TBC (for dancers wanting a stage, then later for non-dancers looking to become dancers in a huge Ceilidh!)

Summer Music Hall – end of semester 2 TBC, , hopefully outside by the lake (for anybody craving a creative platform