Welcome to Team Surrey Judo!

The University of Surrey Judo Club is a place where everyone is welcome, no matter what your current ability may be. The club has something for everyone with the opportunity to make friends through being part of this close team and our social club culture. The club offers a great opportunity to learn self-defence and keep fit, with the ability to fight competitively if you would like through the many competitions we enter. If this sounds like a club which you would be interested in then make sure to come along and experience one of our fun sessions with our main coach, and Olympian, Ashley McKenzie, we can’t wait to see you soon!

You can see our training sessions here.

About Judo

Judo originated in Japan, through Jigoro Kano incorporating martial arts used by samurai, and adopting the best aspects of each jiujitsu style at the time. The martial arts style does not involve punching, kicking, or any type of weapon, instead focusing on taking down an opponent through the use of balance and strength. The sport gradually earned recognition and became an Olympic sport in 1964. 
‘Judo,’ when translated to English, comes back as the ‘gentle way’ to demonstrate the techniques which are used within the martial art to use an opponents own strength against them, even those who are stronger. 
Judo can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their ability, age, or fitness level. It is an inclusive sport which not only helps one to stay in shape, but also have fun doing it!