The Union is led by a team of 26 Officers, including full-time Sabbatical Officers (‘Sabbs’ – the 4 VPs and President) and part-time Officers. These Officers work in  four Zones – each one for a different aspect of student life:

  • Activity for getting involved in clubs and societies, and supporting your personal development. We’re the Zone that helps support student groups, remove barriers to participation, and create opportunities for students that want to develop themselves.
  • Community for bringing students together and finding a home away from home. We’re the Zone that organises showcase events, represents students in the local community, and lead on things like volunteering and fundraising. 
  • Support for students who are passionate about supporting others, and creating opportunities for other students to support one-another. We’re the Zone that covers equality and diversity, support for wellbeing, and operates academic advice at the Union. 
  • Voice for students that have something to say. We’re the Zone that lead on democracy, student opinion, and ensuring national representation for Surrey students.

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Role Descriptions

The 26 Officers that lead the Union have different roles and responsibilities. If you’d like to find out more about each role that’s available, check out the relevant descriptions below.

If you’re thinking of running, it’s worth getting in touch with this year’s Officer team. Our full time team are available and you can book a short meeting with them to help you in making your decision.

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