Volunteer for Nightline

Nightline is supported by Students’ Union staff but run completely by students – if you’re studying at Surrey and want to help out, we’d love to hear from you! We have two types of volunteers:

  • Listening Volunteers – these are the volunteers who answer phones/instant messages from students
  • Publicity Ambassadors – these are the volunteers who help promote Nightline to ensure that students who may benefit from Nightline know that they can call us

Listening Volunteers

Listening Volunteers answer the phone or IMs from students who want to reach out to Nightline. As a listening volunteer, you would provide impartial, non-advisory support to students in a number of different circumstances. As Nightline is an anonymous listening service, our listening volunteers don’t promote the service to students or feature in our advertising (Publicity Ambassadors take a lead on that).

We provide comprehensive training to all listening volunteers to make sure that you have all the skills you need to support students who may get in touch with the service. As Nightline is open overnight, the shifts can be long, but you won’t be working alone!

If you’d like to hear what it’s like, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions before you apply – just email ussu.nightline@surrey.ac.uk.

Publicity Ambassadors

Publicity Ambassadors are the student volunteers who help to raise the profile of Nightline. Together, they make sure that as many students know about the service as possible, so that if they need us they know how to reach us!

Publicity Ambassadors are the public face of the service, and so may appear on promotion or organise activities to increase awareness of Nightline. As it’s an anonymous listening service, publicity ambassadors cannot also volunteer as listening volunteers.

If you’d like to hear what it’s like, or if you’re ready to apply please get in touch with us – just email ussu.nightline@surrey.ac.uk.