The Electronics and Amateur Radio Society (EARS) aims to support students in exploring all aspects of electronics, amateur radio, and even space technologies. We do this via our Makerspace, Radio Shack, and all manner of taught courses and social events.

We welcome all students, regardless of their university course. If you have any interest at all in electronics, we’d be delighted to have you. Any questions you may have can be directed to our email:

Latest Society Updates

  • Joining and training

    Hello all!

    We have created our online training, now available at:

    Also, please feel free to join our discord:

    We will be running our soldering and 3d printer session on Wednesday 11th Oct at 5pm! Hope to see you there!

    – EARS Committee

  • Welcome everyone!

    Firstly, a bit thank you for coming to see us at freshers! It was lovely to meet and talk to you all.

    If you haven’t had the chance to join yet, we have created a page with instructions on how to join.

    We would like to invite all new members to our session on the 4th October (time TBD) during which we’ll tell you more about the society and things available to you, as well as get feedback which will help us plan some events and workshops for the year.

    We will send this information and updates out on our mailing list and only use the website for major updates so please do join up so you don’t miss anything!

    Once again welcome and we cannot wait to begin!

    EARS Committee

  • New Training


    This year, we are switching things up a little!

    We are currently in the process of implementing a new online Training system to allow new members to do all the required comprehension within their own time!

    This way, you won’t need to come to one of our set training sessions throughout the year.

    We will still be offering specialist equipment training, especially for 3D printers and the radio part of the society, but we hope this change makes our society accessible to more people.

    More news to come in the next few weeks,

    EARS Committee


The EARS committee ensures the society keeps running smoothly, and organises all the events and courses we offer. We have a committee member for each aspect of the society, so feel free to get in touch if you have queries relating to their area.

This year (2023/24), our committee is as follows:

President: Alexandre Symeonidis-Herzig

Vice President: Caspar Pierce

Treasurer: David Patyk

Electronics Officer: Alfie Walding

Publicity Officer: Douglas Potter

Radio Exam Secretary: TBA

Radio Officer: Caspar Pierce

Space Officer: TBA

Sysadmin: TBA