EARS is an officially registered training and exam centre for amateur radio licensing. We are able to offer training, practical assessments, and written exams for all licence levels.

Before purchasing a radio course via the USSU website, please contact radio@surreyears.co.uk to ensure the courses are running.

There are three levels of licence available: Foundation, Intermediate, and Full. The Foundation and Intermediate consist of a practical assessment, followed by a written exam. The Full license is assessed purely via written examination. Each level builds on the previous, it is therefore not possible to skip a level (i.e. if you want your Intermediate licence, you must first complete Foundation).

There is a fee for each course, which enables us to provide you with the materials and training required. The fees are as follows:

Foundation – £35

Intermediate – £45

Full – £55

The prices displayed include the cost of the revision books for that licence level.

We may be able to provide training and/or examination to non-students in the Guildford area, subject to availability. Email us at radio@surreyears.co.uk to find out if we can help.

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