Looking to get in touch with us? No problem!

Rubix is operated by several Students’ Union staff with the support of the Community Zone. If you’re looking to get in touch about academic advice or our work to support and represent you, it’s best to email ussu.information@surrey.ac.uk and we’ll make sure it gets to the right team.

Lost Property

We are part of the University wide KIM system so please check the relevant app for your lost property,

If you have left or lost a coat then please come along in person to the Union. We are open between 9:00-17:00 Monday-Friday.

You can also email us on ussu.boxoffice@surrey.ac.uk.

Running your own Event or Barcrawl

If you are a society who would like to arrange a bar crawl from Hari’s Bar (ending in Rubix), or would like to host your own night in Rubix or The Basement, please email Jade at jade.johnson@surrey.ac.uk.

If you represent an external organisation, please email jade.johnson@surrey.ac.uk for more information and to book.


We’re very sorry if you have had a problem at Rubix, please email us at ussu.boxoffice@surrey.ac.uk and we will try and fix this the best we can. If this does not resolve this issue please visit the relevant Student Union complaints page at https://surreyunion.org/aboutus/complaints/.


​The University of Surrey Students’ Union is a charity with the welfare of its members being one of its core mandates. With this in mind and working inside the framework of the 2003 Licensing act, the Students’ Union has a duty of care to all of its members & customers. 

Below you’ll find policies on how we operate our events, venues and services.

Conditions Of Entry

  • In compliance with our operating schedule, entry to venues will be granted to over 18’s who also comply with the conditions outlined.
  • Unless otherwise stated, last admission for events is midnight and you must be in the queue before this time to be considered for entry.
  • No refunds will be given if you arrive after the last admission time.
  • The venue operates a no re-admission policy. If you leave the venue for any reason, you will not be allowed to re-enter the premises unless you purchase an additional ticket or have been granted permission by the Duty Manager for medical/emergency reasons.
  • Unless otherwise stated, this is a fundraising event for the University of Surrey Students’ Union.
  • Please see the relevant headers below on how to identify yourself to gain entry to Rubix.
  • Ticket holders who are unable to use their ticket due to refusal of entrance are not eligible for a refund.
  • The management reserves the right of admission at all times, without giving a reason.
  • Any inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with by Students’ Union security. Anti-social behaviour may result in the police being informed.
  • Consuming alcohol in the queue is not permitted. If you are found to be drinking in the queue, alcohol will be confiscated. Entry will be refused if customers do not hand over alcohol to USSU security staff when asked.
  • You may be asked to be searched on entrance or once inside. You reserve the right to refuse the search but may not be permitted entry to the venue, or may be removed if already inside the venue.
  • The University of Surrey Students’ Union has a zero-tolerance policy on substance misuse. Any person found using or dealing drugs will be detained by Students’ Union Security and reported to the Police and University Security.
  • Nationally recognised ID is defined as a valid passport, driving licence or a PASS card.
    • A valid form of ID is one that is in date and not expired, clearly shows your birth day, month and year, has a picture that accurately represents you and is signed if required.
  • Tickets for events are purchased through either the TX.IS iOS app, TX.IS Android app or through the tixtu website. This ticket must be presented before entry to a member of the USSU team to be scanned. If you cannot produce your ticket but have purchased one, please speak to a member of staff and they will do their best to identify your ticket.
  • Tickets for the forthcoming week are released for sale on a Monday at 8am.
  • All events will stop selling tickets at 8pm on the day of the event. Any remaining tickets will be sold on the door.
  • Ticket sales are restricted to students at the University of Surrey and must be purchased on behalf of Non-Students on a Non-Student ticket.
  • Tickets may be resold but for no more than the face value of the ticket. Any person found to be offering a ticket for sale greater than the face value of the ticket will face disciplinary action and be barred from the event. The ticket in question may also be voided.
    • If you believe you have paid more than face value for a ticket or have been scammed out of a ticket, please email us with the name or contact details of the person selling the ticket and we will take relevant action, as well as reward you.
  • Should you have a complaint about the venue, the event or any services provided inside the venue, please speak to a member of Students’ Union security at the time who will try to resolve your complaint. Should they require assistance with your complaint, or you require escalation, please contact a Duty Manager immediately during the event and we will try to resolve your complaint.
  • Complaints after an event should be sent in writing to the complaints team at ussu.boxoffice@surrey.ac.uk.

University of Surrey Student Ticket Entry Conditions

  • Entry is only permitted by the production of a valid University of Surrey Campus Card. NUS and NUS Extra cards, as well as Nationally recognised ID are not a valid means of identification for University of Surrey Students.
  • Students that have lost their campus cards must email the box office before the event.

Other University or College Student Ticket Entry Conditions

  • Students from other educational institutions must purchase student tickets.
  • Guildford College students are allowed entry with their Guildford College card and a form of Nationally recognised ID.
  • ACM and University of Law students are counted as associate members of the Students’ Union and are therefore allowed entry on production of their respective student card and a form of Nationally recognised ID.
  • Any other students must provide either their institution’s student card or an NUS card, alongside a form of Nationally recognised ID, all of which must be valid.


  • Non-Students are people that are not students at any educational institution and are only entitled to non-student tickets.
  • Only two Non-Student tickets are available for purchase by a University of Surrey student.
  • Non-student tickets for Citrus and Flirt! events are limited to 100 tickets. Please bear in mind that these tickets can sell out quickly.
  • Non-Students are considered guests of the student who purchases the ticket. The student is therefore responsible for the manner in which non-students conduct themselves.
  • Non-Student tickets must be presented alongside a form of Nationally recognised ID of the non-student.


  • University of Surrey graduates are allowed to attend University of Surrey Students’ Union events. Please contact the box office at least 24 hours before the event.

Cloakroom Policy

  • The cloakroom service is provided for convenience and is NOT intended as a secure storage service. 
  • Any items of high value (eg. cash, mobile phones, jewellery etc) left in the cloakroom are left at your own risk. 
  • We shall endeavour to keep your deposited items safe, however we cannot be held liable for damage to personal belongings while in the cloakroom in the event of fire, flood or similar event. 
  • It is your responsibility to retain your cloakroom ticket, items shall not be returned without a ticket.
  • Any items left in the cloakroom uncollected at the end of each event shall be designated LOST PROPERTY and may be collected without a ticket the following day.
  • Lost property shall be retained for a minimum of 14 days, after this period it is liable to be removed and disposed of.
  • Searches may be requested before leaving items in the cloakroom.
  •  The maximum liability for loss of item due to negligence is £40.00 and payable ONLY on suitable evidence presented.
  • Cloakroom charges are per item, NOT per person.

Photography and Filming Policy

  • Photographers operate in Rubix during University of Surrey Students’ Union events.  
  • Use of photographs and or video include, but are not limited to, public social media, the Union website, Union publications and print. The photographs and films may be published, transmitted or broadcast in official University publications and in University publicity materials, including University and University-affiliated websites and may be circulated to the press and other broadcast media and Internet websites for publication, transmission or broadcast. 

A notice of photography and filming will be displayed at the front entrance. The notice will state the following: 

“Events in this venue are photographed and/or filmed by the Students’ Union. By your presence in this area you acknowledge that you may be photographed and/or filmed and as such grant permission to the Students’ Union to use photos and/or filmed footage which may include your image or likeness for promotional use in any media now known or hereafter devised. By your presence here you also grant permission for your likeness and voice to be included without compensation, credit or other consideration. If you do not wish to be photographed, recorded, or appear under these conditions, you should leave the area or tell us so that we may take the appropriate steps to ensure you are not included.”