What is the Students’ Union?

The University of Surrey Students’ Union is the sole representative body for University of Surrey students. 

What does the Students’ Union do?

The Union exists to represent its members’ interests throughout their student lives.  The Students’ Union is structures into four zones, which is how we organise ourselves and our staff to provide students with the best experience.

Who runs the Union?

We have a full-time elected officer team of 5 who are the figureheads of the Union.  They are called Sabbatical Officers and their roles are Union President, and Vice Presidents for Activity, Community, Support and Voice.  The sabbatical officers lead the Union, supported by a team of 21 full-time staff and over 150 part time student staff.  Each Vice President also leads their zone of elected volunteer officers who are each elected on a manifesto and volunteer their time to work on committee goals over the year.

What does the Union offer to University staff?

University staff are Associate Members’ of the Students’ Union. 

What can Associate Members do?

  • Associate members can take part in any Students’ Union activity in the same way as full members (students).  This means as staff you can join any of our clubs or societies, and come into any of our venues.  If you want to join us in Rubix, you can buy a ticket on the door if you show your campus card and ID.  (Only students can use our ticketing system, Tixtu).
  • University staff can hold non-signatory positions on any of our club and society committees.  Each club and society has three student signatories who are entitled to sign off on club and society funds.  Associate members can’t vote in Union democratic events, but can speak at any of our meetings with permission.
  • University staff are welcome in the Students’ Union anytime, but you may especially want to visit us on a Thursday during term-time, when we have our Thursday market, which provides hot and cold food stalls around the building and a full range of fruit, veg and baked goods available from our market sellers. 

What five facts would the Students’ Union like University staff to know?

  • We are the sole representative body for University of Surrey students, and we are here to work in partnership with the University to make the student experience the best it can be.
  • All students become full members of the Students’ Union when they join the University, and all staff are Associate Members.
  • We welcome University staff to the Union and encourage you to find out more about our brilliant clubs and societies.
  • Getting involved with the Students’ Union can make a huge difference to students’ lives, because we provide students with the life experiences outside of their studies, and give them opportunities to make friends and try new skills.  Please encourage students to involve themselves in what we do.
  • We are a small, flexible and energetic team of officers and staff.  If you have a question about life at the University of Surrey, we can usually answer – get in touch with us on ussu.information@surrey.ac.uk