What is Student minds?

Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity.

​Student Minds empower students and members of the university community to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to look after their own mental health, support others and create change. Student Minds have created different peer support groups to suit different needs, Positive Minds and Motivate Me (otherwise known as Eating Difficulties Support Group). You can find out more about what the charity does here and view their further resources below.

To volunteer with us, scroll to the bottom of the page “how to become a facilitator” or email ussu.studentminds@surrey.ac.uk

Student Mind Resources

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Tips to help Look After Your Mental Wellbeing

A handy Student Minds guide for LGBTQ+ students and friends

Postgraduate? Check out The Wellbeing Thesis for resources and support

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Positive Minds Sessions

Positive Minds is a peer-support group for students experiencing low mood, loneliness or depression whilst at University. The group is led entirely by trained student volunteers and offers a non-judgemental, safe and confidential space for peers to discuss their thoughts and feelings with each other. Positive Minds aims to help students build strategies to keep low mood at bay and facilitate positive interactions between students in similar situations.

The programme is 6-weeks long and will cover various wellbeing topics each week such as building a support network, active stress management, morning and sleep routines, food choices, exercise, relaxation, and positive socialising. For this semester we are also focusing on anxiety, stress and how to cope during the assessment period.

Students can attend all six sessions or, drop into any that they like, which are in person focusing on dealing with stress, exams and anxiety.

Positive Minds – every Mon from 12 February – 18 March. Book here

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Eating Difficulties Support Group Sessions

Ran by students for students, our Eating Difficulties Support Group sessions provide support to students experiencing difficulties around food and eating. The groups are confidential, maintain a pro-recovery focus and keep conversations supportive by following a set of ground rules. The groups have an informal atmosphere and are a great opportunity to meet people with similar experiences.

This 6-week course has been designed to support students to think about making changes in their lives. However, this course will not talk about eating habits or your relationship with food explicitly. Eating difficulties are often a coping strategy to manage difficult psychological challenges, so you will find this course focusing on these. 

Students can attend all six sessions or, drop into any that they like, which are in person focusing on pro-recovery and positive behaviours.

Eating Difficulties Support Group – every Tue from 13 February – 19 March. Book here.

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If I attend, what will the sessions be like?

Student Minds groups offer support through peer conversation that is pro-recovery, so groups are always a positive space.

They are all facilitated by student volunteers who will listen supportively and ensure that groups are always a friendly, welcoming space. The volunteers have resources and interactive booklets which they may use in the sessions, depending on the group and conversation.

You can talk as much or as little as you like – no one is going to ask you to stand up and recite your life story, though you are welcome to if you like.

No one will mind if you just come along and listen to what other people are saying. For online sessions, you are also welcome to keep your camera off if you wish.

Are the sessions online or in person?

The sessions are either online, in person or we may run both types of sessions in one cycle, depending on demand.

When you book onto a session you will either be sent a Microsoft Teams invite link to join or the details of where the group will be meeting on campus.

Sessions will always run from 6.30 – 8pm to avoid timetable commitments, with 2 – 3 cycles per academic year.

Who runs the sessions?

All Student Minds groups are run by student volunteers, two of which will be present at each session either online via Microsoft Teams or in person on campus.

All volunteers are recruited and trained by Student Minds to ensure that they understand how to run a group session safely. Volunteers who are leading the Eating Difficulties Support Group are also specifically trained to ensure that you are in a safe space and feel reassured.

How do I contact you?

There are a few ways to contact us if you have any queries and one of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can email us at studentminds@surrey.ac.uk

You can also DM us on our Instagram via @studentmindssurrey

If you don’t hear anything after 2 working days then please email ussu.advice@surrey.ac.uk

I think I need more support..

It’s important to know that the groups are not an alternative to professional support and we encourage students attending Positive Minds or the Eating Difficulties Support Group to also seek further support from their local GP or university support services if needed. Group facilitators are not trained advisers or counsellors or eating difficulties specialists.

Click here for more advice on where to get support.

how do i become a facilitator?

We are currently recruiting for new volunteers to facilitate groups from September 2022 – June 2023!

If you are keen to become a student facilitator for Positive Minds and/or our Eating Difficulty Support Group please click here to find out more and apply!

NEW! We are also recruiting for a Publicity/Social Media Officer as part of our Student Minds Committee from September 2023 – June 2024. If you are interested then please click here to find out more and apply!