If you are experiencing personal difficulties that are impacting on your studies, you may wish to consider taking a period of temporary withdrawal from your degree programme, for a maximum period of 24 months. This gives you the option to return to continue your studies and submit all necessary assignments for modules for which teaching has already been completed.

Please note: the following does not apply to postgraduate research students, who will need to apply via the APESC (sub-committee of the Doctoral College Board).

Before you apply

Before applying for temporary withdrawal, we strongly advise you to first discuss it with your personal tutor and Programmes Administrative Officer in your relevant Academic Hive.

During a temporary withdrawal, you will not pay tuition fees for that period and therefore will not be eligible for any tuition or to submit any work for assessment. You will have some access to University facilities but will not be allowed to stay in University accommodation. Access to University email continues during periods of temporary withdrawal in order to ensure contact is maintained.

Taking a temporary withdrawal may affect your visa status and right to stay in the UK.

For any questions about fees and funding, housing and visa applications, you should always consult with the Hive by emailing ask@surrey.ac.uk before submitting an online application.

Please note that if your temporary withdrawal period exceeds more than one year, (including any previous periods of temporary withdrawal), you will be required to submit supporting evidence. This will also be the case if you are requesting your temporary withdrawal to be backdated.

How to apply

If you decide to apply for a period of temporary withdrawal please sign-in to Student Self-Service using your normal username and password.

  1. From the ‘registration’ menu, select ‘apply for suspension or withdrawal’.
  2. Click on ‘start new application’.
  3. Select the course from which you wish to withdraw.
  4. Add your programme details, the type of withdrawal and the reason for this withdrawal.
  5. Upload any supporting documentation.
  6. Click ‘save and continue’ to submit your application.
  7. You will be asked if you would like support from student money and housing. Respond accordingly. If your answer is yes then your application will be on hold. You can change this at any time once you have received the support you require.
  8. You may withdraw your application by clicking on ‘withdraw application’ at the bottom of the ‘student/programme details’ screen.

Further information can be found in Code of Practice for temporary and permanent withdrawals: taught programmes (PDF).