Our academic advice pages provide information on all University student-facing Regulations, and provide you with comprehensive guides on each of the relevant processes, such as Academic Appeals and Extenuating Circumstances. 

Our Advice team at the Union can also discuss your particular circumstances with you and can arrange appointments to talk through anything in more detail. If you need to get in touch with our team, please email ussu.advice@surrey.ac.uk.

Our Advice team are able to:

  • explain the process you are going through and help you to navigate the University’s regulations
  • read draft statements for appeals or panels etc
  • read evidence you intend to submit to support your case
  • accompany you to meetings

The Advice team cannot:

  • make your case for you
  • contact external parties on your behalf (such as doctors or employers)
  • speak on your behalf in a panel or meeting
  • provide legal advice

Academic Advice

These are the academic University processes with which we can support you – click the link to open one of our guides:

Getting Support

Your time at University can be a life-changing experience, but it is not always as easy as it seems. Regardless of how big or small your problem, if you find the right support it can make all the difference. We’ve gathered together some of the services the Union and University have on offer for you. 

If you are in immediate danger on campus, please call campus security on 01483 68(3333).

If you are in immediate danger off campus, please call 999.

Check out the ‘Getting Support‘ pages for information on support provided by the Union, such as Nightline, services provided by the University, such as the Centre for Wellbeing, or independent support services such as the Samaritans. 

Personal Safety

The Personal Safety page offers a range of advice for life at University, and information about the Report & Support tool introduced as a result of a collaboration between the University and the Union.

As your Union, we aim to empower our students to look after them and stay safe as much as possible. So, we hope to provide some useful tips and resources to stay safe at Surrey.

We also know that unfortunately, some students may experience difficult or traumatic situations during their time at University, and may fall victim to hate crime, discrimination, or assault/harassment. If you experience any of these situations, we have compiled some information about dedicated support for survivors and victims of abuse.