Council tax is a tax charged by Guildford Borough Council and provides them with funds for a number of local services. 

Students are normally exempt from having to pay council tax, however you should check eligibility of the household first.

The amount payable depends on the value of the property, how many people live there and who the people are. For example if a property is occupied:

  • By two adults (18+) who are not full time students then 100% of the council tax is payable
  • If there is only one adult who is not a full time student then 75% of the council tax is payable
  • If all the adults living in the property are full time students no council tax is payable; if the house is not owned by the University the students would need to obtain a council tax exemption certificate available on from Surrey Self-Service and then follow these steps here via the Guildford County Council website to complete your exemption. If you have any problem obtaining this certificate please contact MySurrey Hive.

If you think you are making an overpayment on your council tax, or need more advice and guidance then email with your council tax bill and any information you feel is important.

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