Head Reps, as experienced student representatives, play a critical role in representing the student voice at a higher level within their faculty. Their role is to enhance the student experience by actively addressing concerns and advocating for positive changes. By gathering feedback and engaging in open dialogue with students, Head Reps ensure that their perspectives and needs are effectively communicated to the faculty.

Collaboration with faculty staff is a key aspect of the Head Rep role. They actively participate in meetings, committees, and working groups, where they provide valuable insights and recommendations on matters such as curriculum development, academic policies, and student support services. This collaboration ensures that student perspectives are considered in decision-making processes, ultimately leading to a more student-centric educational environment.

Additionally, Head Reps work to foster a sense of community and inclusivity within their faculty. They organize events, initiatives, and activities that promote student engagement, collaboration, and cultural diversity. By creating opportunities for students to connect with one another, Head Reps contribute to a supportive and enriching academic atmosphere that enhances the overall student experience.

What Do Head Reps Do? 

Coordinating Course Reps – Head Reps act as the main point of contact for Course Reps, overseeing their activities and providing guidance and support. They ensure that Course Reps are equipped with the necessary resources and information to fulfill their roles effectively.

Escalating Feedback – Head Reps are responsible for collecting and escalating feedback from Course Reps, addressing any issues or concerns that may require further attention from university staff or students. They play a crucial role in advocating for necessary changes or improvements based on this feedback.

Motivating and Supporting Reps – Head Reps motivate and support Course Reps, particularly those who are new to the role. They provide guidance, mentorship, and encouragement to help Course Reps feel empowered and confident in their positions.

Attendance at Meetings – Head Reps attend Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings and often co-chair these meetings alongside university staff. They actively participate in discussions, represent the student voice, and contribute to decision-making processes.

Promoting Course Rep Positions – Head Reps raise awareness and promote the importance of Course Rep positions to other students, encouraging them to consider taking on the role and become active contributors to shaping their educational experience.

Meetings with VP Voice – Head Reps regularly meet with the Vice President (VP) Voice, who represents the student body at a higher level. These meetings provide an opportunity for collaboration, sharing updates, and discussing initiatives to improve the student experience.

Preparing for SSLC Meetings – Head Reps hold meetings with Course Reps to prepare for SSLC meetings, ensuring that representatives are informed, well-prepared, and able to effectively communicate the views and concerns of their fellow students.

Facilitating Communication – Head Reps promote good communication and collaboration among Course Reps, encouraging the sharing of successes, challenges, and ideas within the wider student community and to university staff.

Advocating for My Surrey Voice – Head Reps actively promote and advocate for the use of My Surrey Voice, a platform powered by Unitu, which allows students to provide feedback, suggest improvements, and engage in dialogue to shape their educational experience.

Time Commitment – Head Reps commit approximately 30 hours per semester to fulfill their responsibilities effectively, ensuring that they can dedicate sufficient time and effort to their role.

Encouraging Union Involvement -Head Reps encourage Course Reps to get involved with the student union, highlighting the benefits of engagement and collaboration, and celebrating the wins achieved by Course Reps within the wider student community.

How to become a Head Rep

The position of Head Representative is available to all students who have previously served as a Course Representative. If you are interested in applying, please take a moment to review the detailed job specification provided in the link below. Once you have familiarized yourself with the requirements and responsibilities, click on the “apply now” button to access the application form. After submitting your application, a member of the Voice Zone will reach out to you to communicate the outcome.

What are the benefits of being a Head Rep?

  • As a reward for your efforts, you will receive a payment of £9.90 per hour worked. These incentives will be paid monthly using Unitemps. To be eligible for payment, you are required to complete a minimum of 20 out of the 30 required hours per semester.
  • As a Head Rep, you will receive a complimentary Head Rep hoodie, which you can collect by arranging a visit to the union.
  • Additionally, you will be granted one free ticket to Rubix per term. If there is a specific event you wish to attend, contact us in Voice Zone, and we will take care of the ticket payment on your behalf.
  • Towards the end of the academic year, you will receive an email from the Voice Zone. This email will inquire if you would like to receive a LinkedIn recommendation.
  • You will be provided with free coffee vouchers, allowing you to enjoy a hot drink of your choice from the Hillside Café once per term.
  • You will be exclusively invited to Head Rep socials hosted by the VP Voice. These socials will not only offer complimentary meals, such as free pizza, but also provide you with a direct line of communication to the VP Voice.

Who is the Head Rep for my school?

School Name of Head RepName Of Second Head Rep
Music and MediaAdam Gorry
PoliticsRole not filled
SociologyTheo C Perrin
GSACheuk Nam Theodora LI
Economics Roshni Kaur BhambraHiu Yan Stephanie Luk
Hospitality and Tourism Management Zahn, Annika VRole not filled
Surrey Business SchoolRoshan Vembakkam LakshminarayananLewis Maxwell
LawKainaat SiddiqiMolly Heywood Judd
Literature and LanguagesLuana Guimaraes Vasconcelos
Biosciences and Medicine Naeema Austin-QuieryAmmar Faisal
Health SciencesRole not filledRole not filled
PsychologyRole not filled
Veterinary MedicineAnna FranklinJasmine Dormor
ChemistryAyodeji Alabi
Chemical and Process Engineering Role not filled
Civil and Environmental EngineeringRole not filled
Centre for Environment and SustainabilityRole not filled
Computer ScienceJennifer Jackson
Electrical and Electronic EngineeringTsouras, Andrew
MathsRole not filled
Mechanical Engineering Sciences Role not filled
PhysicsRole not filled