Staff Pack​: Information about running Rep elections, FAQs, and more.

Rep Wins:  A snapshot into some of the fantastic things Course Reps achieved over the past academic year, and a great introduction for staff members who are interested in how the Course Rep system benefits the student population and the quality of study here at Surrey. 

Lecture Slides:  These slides can be inserted at the start of a lecture to encourage students to stand for election as a Course Rep! You can talk them through the role briefly and the benefits of being a Rep, and encourage any students with questions to ask you at the end of the lecture or signpost them to the Union to find out more. 

Explainer video​: This short video is a great tool to be used to promote the Course Rep system, both in lectures or shared via a link in emails. We think this is a great way to introduce students to the Rep system, so please share it with your students!

Election screen image and election poster: These resources can be printed out and displayed to promote Rep elections happening in your department. Please make use of them as much as you’d like!

Rep role descriptions (UG&PGTPTY Reps, and PGR Reps): These are helpful for interested students who would like to know more about what is expected of them and what they can expect of us. 

Rep Removal Policy​: Though we hope to not reach situations in which this is needed, it’s here if you need to refer to it. This is designed for instances in which Reps are not engaging as we would expect them to, or if a Rep would like to step down from their role. 

Administrative Staff only: Click here to upload new Course Reps to the Students’ Union database

If you have any questions or have an idea for a resource that you’d find helpful, please contact our Course Rep Coordinator at