The following are guidelines should it come to light that a cohort is not being effectively represented by their elected Course Rep or PGR Rep.

  1. A trigger event takes place to require the instigation of this policy, such as attendance records demonstrating that the Rep has not attended any of the necessary training or representative meetings, or sent apologies, or concerns are raised by either students in the cohort or a member of University Staff to the Voice Zone.
  2. Acknowledgement email will be sent to the student/staff member who raised the issue by the Student’s union, confirming the matter is being looked into.
  3. VP Voice will make contact with the Rep to establish why they have been unable to represent their cohort effectively, offering additional support and training where necessary. This will lead to either outcome A or outcome B.

Outcome A – The Rep Responds

  1. The Student’s Union will work with the Rep to create a plan to improve their representation skills and arrange regular meetings to monitor their progress.
  2. Improvements are seen and the cohort in question is represented effectively and any concerns raised are resolved.
  3. The matter is closed.
  4. If the Rep responds, but states that they no longer feel they can fulfil their duties as a Course Rep, actions taken will be in accordance with steps 3-5 in Outcome B.

Outcome B – The Rep does not respond

  1. Up to two follow up emails will be sent to the Rep.
  2. The third email will advise the Rep that, should they not respond by a given deadline, the Student’s Union will assume that they no longer wish to take part as a Course Rep and this will trigger a re-election.
  3. If the rep still does not respond, the Student’s Union will inform the University Rep contact that a re-election must take place.
  4. The University Rep contact will email the Student’s Union once the election has taken place to confirm the name of the new Rep and then upload their details via the USSU website.
  5. The matter is closed.