Last year, your Union academic advice team supported over 200 students through academic integrity cases, like plagiarism and collusion, with the University. And we are here again this year to support any student who would like advice if you have been accused of academic misconduct. 79% of the students who come to see us in the advice team, are satisfied with the advice we give you.

So, what is academic misconduct?

Academic misconduct refers to any act or omission that would undermine the integrity of the degrees that the University of Surrey give out. TLDR; anything that is considered cheating on your assessments, or anything that would mean the work produced is not your own, or that it is not referenced or credited properly. There are different types of misconduct: plagiarism, collusion, misrepresentation, fabricating evidence and using AI software to write your essay.

How do I know if I am suspected of academic misconduct?

The University will write to you to let you know they want to talk to you and will invite you to a meeting to discuss your work – known as a Formal Discussion or Academic Integrity Interview. If you haven’t been invited, then you have nothing to worry about. In most cases, the University will hold your results until you have been to your meeting so, if you don’t have your expected results yet then you might want to ask your module leader.

How can the Union advice team help me?

We don’t work for the University! Which means our advice is fully independent, and we do not need to tell the University what you say to us. We can give you candid advice and guidance on the process, what to expect and we can help you formulate and structure your answers to the questions you will be asked. If you have been invited to a meeting, we can come along with you to support you and ensure that you are being asked fair and reasonable questions. Our job is to make sure that you present your case in the best way possible, to give you the chance of the best possible outcome.

So, if you have been asked to attend a meeting for academic integrity, get in touch – your Union are here to represent you, your academic interests and provide you with the best possible advice.

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