This academic year so far, the Students’ Union has recruited over 130 student staff into roles including student Team Members, Supervisors and Administrative Assistants. Each year, we appoint approximately 200 students to join our flexible and dynamic team. 

 This recruitment success is not just about numbers; it’s a reflection of our dedication to creating a supportive work environment that values each individual’s contribution. Offering a fair starting wage of £10.50 per hour, regardless of whether a student is over the age of 21, we are proud of our commitment to recognise the hard work and dedication of student staff.  

 Our diverse range of roles ensures that each staff member can find their niche, contributing to the vibrant life of the Union. From operational roles to student-facing positions, each job is crucial in making the Union a welcoming and efficient space for all. Our roles are flexible to student timetables and ensure our student staff can always balance their time between their academic studies and work commitments. There are huge benefits to the Students’ Union, as our student staff enable us to move quickly – opening new venues such as Manor Park Social and our Community Hub and having an energetic and agile student staff team ready to go and take on these new challenges. 

 A key aspect of our success lies in the opportunities for personal and professional development that we offer. For instance, our initiative to train bar staff as personal license holders equips them with valuable skills, setting them on a path to future career success.  

This focus on growth is evident in the stories of our former staff members, like the journey of our former HR administrator who advanced to a graduate HR role in London.  

 Our focus on student staff is a testament to the thriving community at Surrey Students’ Union, where every staff member plays a vital role in shaping student life.  

 You can find our current opportunities advertised on our jobs portal: