Cost of Living
✅ Researched and produced the Cost of Living Manifesto, publishing this to students and asking the University for partnership.
✅ Ran a Cost of Living Week in partnership with Activity Zone’s ‘Get Involved’ Week, updating students on the progress of the Manifesto whilst Clubs and Societies ran free student events.
Head Reps
✅ Introduced and piloted Head Reps, a role helping to facilitate broader representation of students within their Department.
✅ This role was paid and received many benefits including hoodies, coffee vouchers, and employability support
✅ Ensured the same benefits were provided for PGR Reps.
Inclusive Education / EDI
✅ Rebranded the Liberation Network to Student Equality Network and worked with volunteers to produce the Intersectionality Creator Project.
✅ Continued to work on Inclusive Education through the new Student Success Group.
✅ Introduced an EDI Award for Sports Individuals with Activity.
✅ Co-led the LGBT+ History Month campaign and supported Neurodiversity Celebration Week.
Teaching Excellence Framework
✅ Researched and wrote the Teaching Excellence Framework Independent Student Submission on behalf of students.
✅ Themes focused on include Assessment and Feedback, Student Voice and Student Sense of Belonging, based on four years of data. Results will be out in autumn
Student Representation & Activism
✅ Facilitated Speak Week and produced a report, presenting this to the new Sabb team and the University.
✅ Supported Guildford Borough Council to promote Local Elections.
✅ Conducted Research into Renovated Teaching Spaces and continued to support the project.
✅ Co-led Surrey Decides, bringing a bigger focus to student wellbeing.
✅ Led the foundations of a petition site.