✅Lobbied for a mandatory consent course for all students
✅Wrote and developed a Surrey-specific consent course
✅ Worked on in-person mandatory consent training for everyone going on tour
✅Established the Period Poverty scheme with free and sustainable pads and tampons with procedure to expand the project more across the university
✅Held more than 100 in-person events on all 3 campuses
✅Co-led LGBT+ History Month
✅Gave out more than 3500 hot and cold drinks and more than 1500 breakfast bars
✅Organised multiple Tea Toast & Talks with free breakfast foods
✅ Organised multiple Crafternoons and Happiness Cafes with free snacks and hot drinks
✅ Developed and published the Student Sex Worker Safety Toolkit to help keep our students safe
✅ Expanded sexual health support by providing condoms, lube, pregnancy tests and more STI tests than ever as well as introducing the first non-heteronormative Sexual Health seminar for 2023/24
✅ Successfully lobbied the university to publish disciplinary outcomes on their website for transparency
✅ Successfully lobbied the university to include an amnesty clause to the harassment policy. The clause means that students who disclosure being victims of misconduct, such as rape, or seek assistance from the university whilst they were breaching certain regulations, such as drug use, may not be imposed to formal disciplinary actions or sanctions.
✅Be Active: Organised a Treasure Hunt during Fresher’s Week
✅Connect: Hosted multiple Speed Mate-ing and House Mate-ing events
✅Learn: Organised multiple Crafternoons for students to learn to paint, crochet, knit
✅Pay Attention: Organised multiple Yoga sessions, Dogs as Therapy events, etc.
✅Give: Supported The Community Zone’s Get Giving campaign
✅Helping Buddies: Started to recruit volunteers for next year to help disabled and chronically ill students with everyday tasks. A pairing scheme has been created alongside the Disability and Neurodiversity team
✅Meet a Mate: worked on launching a new website and pairing platform to increase friendships between students