What is Speak Week?

Welcome to Speak Week, running from the 29 April until the 3 May! We want to hear from students all year around, however this week aims to collate the views of as many students as possible, either online or in-person, to find out what you would like to see change at Surrey.

Get Involved

During Speak Week, we are particularly interested in hearing your thoughts on the topic of “If you were in charge of the university for the day, what would you do?” and “If you were in charge of the Union for the day, what would you do?”. This is your chance to share your ideas on what you would change, improve or add to the university experience to make it better.

There are many ways you can get involved and share your ideas during Speak Week:

  • Anonymously drop your suggestions and feedback in our ballot boxes around campus.
  • Submit your ideas through this form
  • Find us in the Library or outside the Hive during Speak Week, to submit your ideas
  • Join the Union’s Annual Members Meeting (AMM) is Thursday 2 May 19:30 – 20:00 following Student Voice Forum online via Microsoft Teams Live Events. Join the meeting here
  • Contact your VP Voice, Kiara, if you have any comments or suggestions you want to raise.

Speak Week Prize Draw

As an additional thank you, everyone attending will be entered into the Speak Week Prize Draw, where we have 5 x £50 cash prizes to give away!

Make a Difference

We want every student to get involved, and Speak Week is a fantastic chance for you to have your say and make a real difference. So, let’s get talking, and let’s work together to make the university experience even better!