20 November 2023, 18:30-20:00 – Via Teams Live Events

Join us for Student Voice Forum, your opportunity to put your views across to senior University staff.

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Current Agenda:

In attendance:
  • Kiara Kataike – VP Voice [Chair]
  • Professor Tim Dunne – Provost and Senior Vice-President
  • Professor Emma Mayhew – Pro-Vice-Chancellor Education (Interim)
  • Will Davies – Acting Chief Operating Officer
  • Kerry Matthews – Chief Students’ Officer
  1. Welcome from the VP Voice
  2. University Updates (Including the introduction from both Professor Emma Mayhew and Will Davies as new panellists, and a brief update from each panellist)
  3. Theme 1:  Student Life at Surrey (accompanying Menti)
    1. What actions are being taken to reduce the overall cost of being a student at Surrey?
    2. In light of rising rent and living costs for students, how will the University support students through the challenges of securing affordable accommodation either on campus or in Guildford?
    3. What current and future improvements are being made to our campuses and to teaching delivery to make student life at Surrey more accessible to students with disabilities and hidden illnesses?

Questions from the floor

  1. Theme 2: Speak Week (accompanying Menti) –
    1. During Speak Week, we are hearing from students about what they’d change if they led the University. As senior leaders, what is one thing within your remit that you know students want to see changed?
    2. The University recently received excellent results in the undergraduate National Student Survey (NSS). What are the priorities for building on this success this year?
    3. The NSS does not capture the perspectives of postgraduate students. What is being done to improve the PGT and PGR student experience?

Questions from the floor

  1. General Questions & Answers.