0The votes have been counted and the results are finally in!

We had an incredible turnout with 3,503 unique votes, 500 more than last year, and an overall turnout of 21%.

These are the students elected to run your Union the next academic year from August 2024:

Support Zone

  • Natalie Savva
  • Leoni Williams
  • Bekah Owolabi
  • Christina Joseph Kamble
  • Ben Matthews

Community Zone

  • Feyi Salami Salami
  • Risper Okello
  • Nehal Boobna

(There will be a By-Election at a later date for the fourth position)

RAG Chair

  • Jaden Ogunlade

Activity Zone

  • Hannan Ahmad
  • Shubham Choudhary
  • Sharon Chandrashekar

Surrey Societies Chair

  • Usha Sree Sunkari

Team Surrey Chair

  • Millie Monger-Gilford

Voice Zone

  • James Mitchell
  • Christian Bergvoll
  • Archie Jones
  • Jenny Jackson
  • Deeya Varsani

Union Chair

  • Tara Notash

VP Support

  • Sam Buss

VP Community

  • Matt Aikin

VP Activity

  • Ravi Kant

VP Voice

  • Luana Vasconcelos


  • Liam White

The current officer team will remain in their current roles until July 31 2024.

If you want to catch up with any of the debates or read the elected officer’s manifestos, please visit surreyunion.org/surreydecides

You can read the detailed report of the vote here.