Now that the nominations have closed, the candidates in this year’s Surrey Decides election are already out and about campaigning on the campus. To find out more about the candidates for each position, visit our candidates page ( where you can read all the candidate manifestos.

What’s a manifesto?

A manifesto is a document where a candidate sets out what they will do if you elect them. During their year in office, they will then be working towards the goals you see in their manifesto, and keeping you up to date on their progress.

What happens next?

Question Time starts on Sunday 25 February in Rubix at 19:00 (doors at 18:30) and runs for three nights, concluding on Tuesday 27 February with the debate for Students’ Union President. Question Time is free to enter and we encourage all students to come and see the candidates answering questions in person from our student chairs and the audience. Question Time is also streamed live online via the Union website for anyone watching at home.

When can I vote?

Voting opens after Question Time on Tuesday 27 February, once everyone has had the opportunity to read over the manifestos and watch the debates, and closes on Saturday 2 March at 19:00. Voting takes place online, and all students will receive an email to their University email account with a link to vote. The Union’s website will also direct everyone to the voting page. Please also come and visit our voting promotions stand, outside the Hive, to find out more and see if you can win a prize.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Question Time!