Last Wednesday, Kiara the VP Voice hosted our second Course Rep social and our annual Course Rep awards in Hari’s. Our Head Reps helped to support and organise the the social which had over 80 Course Reps attend!

There were lots of exciting things going on, a Course Rep themed quiz, free pizza and refreshments too! It was a great chance for the Head Reps to meet the Reps from their schools in real life, helping to match friendly faces to their names. This included meeting Reps from completely different departments which Course Reps said they felt was a great opportunity!

During the social, we announced the winners of our Course Rep of the year awards who all received certificates and vouchers for free drinks at Hari’s.

Our Winners  

FASS Rep Of The Year: Lewis Maxwell
FEPS Rep Of The Year: Jenny Jackson
FHMS Rep Of The Year: Anna Franklin
Placement Rep Of The Year: Jasmine Dormor
PGR Rep Of The Year: James Adams
PGT Rep Of The Year: Roshan Vembakkam Lakshminarayanan

Bronze Course Rep award winners

Kyra Ortner
Nikita Santosh Garud
Rodrigo Oliveira
Said Ait Ennecer
Usha Sree Sunkari

Silver Course Rep award winners

Helena Au Yeung
Eve Krizovnik
Sharon Chandrashekar

Gold Course Rep award winners

Atanas Vardev
Hani Farhan
Jacorine Dew
Jenny Jackson
Jess Gill
Keira Lam
Luana Vasconcelos
Nicky Secrett
Rachel Munday
Shivam Bajaj
Perry Wong

Well done everyone!