In December, your Voice Zone organised their first Course Rep Social of the year! This social was run and planned by 6 of our Head Reps, with over 70 Course Reps in attendance.

This exciting meetup took place in Hari’s Bar during the evening of December 5th. There were lots of exciting things going on, a Christmas quiz, free Rep merch giveaways, free pizza and refreshments too! It was a great chance for Head Reps to meet the Reps from their schools in real life, helping to match friendly faces to their names. This included meeting Reps from completely different departments which Course Reps said they felt was a great opportunity!

If you’re a Rep and you were unable to attend, don’t worry! The Voice Zone will be running another Course Rep Social this February in Semester Two. We’ll be working closely with our Head Reps and Course Reps to gather feedback on what they’d like us to do at the next social – via a survey. Stay tuned for updates!