Over the Summer, we have been working to represent your voice and needs in University regulations. The University actively consulted with us and we made sure to best represent your academic interests.

Previously, coursework deadlines were restricted to certain days of the week. We were consulted in a review of these regulations, and this restriction was lifted: coursework deadlines can now be set to any day of the week, from Monday to Friday. This also impacts penalties for late submissions. It was felt that the previous penalties were too harsh, with a maximum penalty being applied after two days. With the updated student regulations, the late penalties are now on a more gradual sliding scale, applying the maximum penalty after five days instead. You can find a breakdown of these updated late penalties on point 120, here: A1 Regulations for taught programmes 2023-24.pdf (surrey.ac.uk).

We will continue to be consulted on changes to Student Regulations, where we will place your interests first. We have been asked to advise on extenuating circumstances for the 2023-24 academic year, however we have listened to your feedback and feel that staying consistent with the current system will best benefit you overall. Similarly, we advocated for your interests with self-certified extenuating circumstances, with these regulations remaining in place for the next academic year.

Please contact our VP Voice Kiara (ussu.vpvoice@surrey.ac.uk) or VP Support Liam (ussu.vpsupport@surrey.ac.uk) if you have any opinions on these regulations, as we always value your opinion!