This course is developed from the campaign platform, an initiative launched in 2019 by the 2019-20 VP Voice Ajay Ajimobi to help support student activism on campus:

This is something I feel very passionate about as student voice and representation is vital, we all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences. This should be reflected with regards to the issues we proactively campaign about and as VP I want to ensure that students have an opportunity to act upon their views and make an impactful change.

– Ajay Ajimobi

Why campaign?

In a nutshell, campaigns are people coming together to work towards a shared goal. That can be to change the world, create more opportunity for students, or pull-off a once in a lifetime event.

Campaigning is what you make of it. Be that an opportunity to make an impact, an avenue for personal development, a method of acquiring and developing employability skills, or great way to widen friendship groups and meet likeminded people.

What will we cover?

In this course, we’ll introduce the basics of planning a campaign, starting with your mission statement and setting effective targets. From there, we’ll think about resources, promotion, and how the SU can help.