Now that you’ve established your mission statement, your goals, and set out how you’ll resource your campaign, it’s time to organise your campaign group.

Organising is when you start to bring people together to take action and carry out the targets of your campaign. As a campaign leader, you will have a key role in facilitating and directing the involvement of other students working together to achieve your overall campaign aims. You will need to be able to connect and motivate people to volunteer their time and to take active roles in your campaign.

Once you’ve recruited some volunteers, have a think about where the strengths of your fellow campaigners lie, and use this to help you share out responsibilities. Consult with them to find out what they’d enjoy doing, and facilitate the sharing of ideas; one of your campaign volunteers may have thought of a great element to add into your project that you hadn’t considered before.

You can host group meetings to plan and work together effectively, and if you’re producing documents, you can use online shared documents so that you can all contribute and work towards the same goals. Think about how you’re going to stay in touch during your campaign too! Communication really is key. All students have access to Microsoft Teams at Surrey, and we recommend the platform for organising campaigns as it provides secure document storage and a good way of managing the membership of your team. Check out this Microsoft support article if you need help creating a team.