Before your campaign starts, here’s a quick list for the key things to make sure you’re all set!

  • Campaign aims and end goal
  • Ways to measure your success/impact
  • Identify key people
  • Develop a budget and list of materials needed, if applicable
  • Draft list of activities and timeline

Once you’ve checked these points off, the Voice Zone can help talk through the detail of your campaign so get in touch with the team at

What’s next?

Ready to get started? Here’s how you can get going.

  • Draft your mission statement
  • Plan your goals and relevant activities
  • Find volunteers
  • Apply for funding at
  • Attend a Voice Zone Committee meeting
  • Await funding approval from VP Voice
  • We’ll create a webpage for you on the Union website with the information you have provided

You can also check out extra materials to help you plan each part of your campaign at