As well as reporting back to the students you represent, it’s also important to keep us at the Students’ Union updated on what you’re achieving. We need to know if you need support, or if you’ve made big changes to a department so we can celebrate your successes!

We represent your academic interests

Your VP Voice is the head of the Voice Zone, and the head of the Course Rep programme. Your VP Voice works closely with senior University leadership, and works to raise student and PGR feedback at the highest levels of the University. Hearing about the feedback you’ve been gathering and what you’ve been achieving as a result will help your VP Voice to lobby and campaign on issues that matter to you. You can contact your VP Voice at any time via, and they will always be happy to hear your feedback and what you’ve been working on.

In addition to representing you, we also want to celebrate your successes.

Reward and Recognition

When you report back to us, we want to reward and recognise you for your hard work, and we run a few schemes to help us reward you for your successes. Read more below!

Course Rep Wins Form

You can fill in the Course Rep Wins form on the USSU website. Visit the Course Reps pages of the Union website, and scroll down to the bottom, and select “Submit your Course Rep win here”.

Let us know what you’ve been up to and what you’ve been achieving, and we’ll use this to form Course Rep reports that we send out. We also use it to promote your work to the University, to other students, and to choose our Rep Award winners!

Course Rep of the Month

We’ll also award Rep of the Month each month in term time, based on the Course Rep Wins form submissions. They’ll win a £20 Amazon voucher. You can enter to be Course Rep of the Month by submitting Course Rep wins. 

For more information, check in your Rep Handbooks. 

Course Rep Awards

At the end of the year we’ll award two types of Rep Awards; self-nominated and Zone-awarded.

You can nominate yourself for a Bronze, Silver, or Gold award at the end of the year. These will be presented at Student Voice Forum.

We’ll base the Reps of the Year decisions on which Reps have impressed us this year by going above and beyond and kept in touch with the Union on their successes all year. There is a Rep of the Year Award for each Faculty at Undergraduate Level, one for PTY Reps, one for PGT Reps, and one for PGR Reps.

For more info on Course Rep Awards, check your Handbook or the Rep toolkit on the Union website. We want to reward and recognise as many Reps for your fantastic work as we can!


Please remember you are volunteers! You can log your volunteering hours this year. Please sign up to SurreyVolunteering, create a profile, follow the link to join the Course Reps group, and then start logging hours. 

To log hours, enter “The University of Surrey Students’ Union“, the role of “Course Rep“, and Hannah Jones ( as the approver. Even if we weren’t at the event you’re logging hours for, we will still be able to approve those hours. 

Visit the Course Rep pages of the Union website to get started and find out more about what hours you can log.