Thank you for completing Course Rep training! We have summarised some key points on this page for you to take away.

Researching feedback

To be an effective representative, you must do your research first! Take the time to think about how you gather feedback, which platforms you should use, and what topics you want to gather student opinion on. Try and gather as much feedback as you can to ensure you are being truly representative, and don’t just wait until you have a meeting coming up – you can research from day 1 of your Rep role. Be public, be present, and get to know your peers!

Representing students

The second key element of your core role is to represent and to give voice to the feedback you have gathered. Prepare effectively for your formal meetings, be professional in your conduct at all times, and think about how you can effectively present feedback to get the best out of your interactions with staff. Use the ABCD to keep your feedback professional, and seek out informal opportunities to represent students in between meetings, including MySurrey Voice discussion boards for UG/PGT Reps.

Reporting back

Finally, you must close the feedback loop by keeping the students or PGRs you represent up-to-date with what has happened as a result of their feedback. Not only does this make your role easier in the future, but it makes sure your peers feel heard and valued in the department and University community. You should also report back to the Students’ Union, and doing so may just earn you a prize or award!

Need more information?

If you require more resources or a recap of anything you’ve learned during this training, feel free to visit the Union website, and navigate through the Course Reps information to the “Current Reps” section, where you will find the Rep Toolkit.

There you will find: Your Rep Handbook, detailed Rep Awards info, employability information, top tips & FAQs.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please get in touch by emailing

Thank you!

So, that’s it for online training this year! You’ll next hear from us regarding your Student Voice Forums, along with exciting opportunities that relate to the key values of the Voice Zone.

Please remember you are volunteers; we’re here to support you and help you through. If you have any questions, you can pop into the Union to chat to me, or either of our Voice Zone staff members.

Best wishes from all of us here at the Voice Zone – we cannot wait to see what you manage to achieve and we hope you have a fantastic year!