Sometimes when you receive student feedback, it’s challenging to know the best course of action for how to get the issue resolved, or how to pass the feedback on to the University. We’ve prepped some examples to help you with figuring that out!

If the issue immediately needs fixing:

like a problem with resourses or timetable clashes, speak directly to the relevant module or course leader, as they may be able to help address your concerns quickly and efficiently.

If you think the issue is likely to be shared by your wider cohort:

encourage the student to post their concern on your MySurrey Voice discussion board to see if the other students on your course agree. If they do, and the feedback is professional and appropriate, escalate the feedback to the public space on the platform for the attention of staff. You can access your MySurrey Voice board here: 

If you feel that the issue needs to be discussed in detail with other Reps and University staff:

gather as much information as you can from the student and from discussions on your MySurrey Voice platform, and raise the issue at your next departmental meeting, eg. your Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC).

If the issue isn’t directly related to your course:

 such as campus issues, you might want to consider raising this with your Students’ Union Sabbatical Officer team, or at a Student Voice Forum with senior University staff. You may also need to signpost the student to the right University or Union support service to help meet their needs. 

Where should you take these common issues that students may bring to you?