Researching the opinions of others is a vital skill that is helpful in a range of roles and professional settings.

Whether you’re a Course Rep interested in student opinion on a particular academic issue, a student gathering feedback as part of a coursework, a society or club leader looking to better understand the needs of students that you work with, or simply interested in developing your professional skills of research, it’s important that you have the understanding of why researching opinion is important, and how to go about it in an effective way.

This session will tell you about how and why you research opinion to ensure you can effectively understand and represent the opinion of diverse audiences.

Why do your research?

In many roles, it’s vitally important to get a full understanding of what people think about a specific matter or to get feedback on a specific topic. For example, if you are working in a professional context and are asked to produce a report about consumer’s attitudes to a specific product, you would not be able to complete this work without first doing your research and gathering the information you need in order to understand people’s opinions.

By identifying effective ways to find people who have opinions to share, giving them the opportunity to share their feedback, and by doing quality research, you will have a more relevant understanding of what people think, and what is important to them.