Alex Mckee

My job is to lead the Union’s staff team and ensure that the whole organisation is run efficiently and to the best possible benefit of all Surrey students.
I’ve worked in a variety of staff roles across students’ unions since 2001 with roles at Bournemouth, Imperial College London and UCL. I joined Surrey Students’ Union in July 2022.
3 Priorities for the Year
  1. Making improvements to the Union building and working with University Estates to develop a masterplan to develop the Union building with a series of projects over the coming years.
  2. Develop the new Union strategy, working with students and stakeholders to shape the direction of the Union.
  3. Work with the Union President on the Union’s new governance structure.
Interesting Facts:
  1. I once led on a successful Guinness World Record attempt to break the longest ever radio show – 104.5hrs.