Rosalie Enriquez

Hi, I am Rosalie Enriquez and work as a Finance Coordinator in the Student Union. I have graduated with BS Accounting & Finance and completed the qualification for Accounting Technician. I have been working in the Finance sector for almost 25 years. I did various jobs in the accounts and finance department not only in the Student Union but with various companies. In my busy schedule working in Finance I could still enjoy my passion for baking.

3 Priorities for the Year
  1. My priorities this coming year is to be more effective and efficient at work.
  2. Grow professionally and aspire more to develop my knowledge and skills.
  3. Happiness, Work-life Balance and Good Health.
3 Interesting Facts:
  1. I could say that I am good with Finance
  2. I am very friendly and approachable
  3. I have got a passion for baking that my colleagues are enjoying it.