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What we do, we do for you! Every year, thousands of students vote in Surrey Decides to elect a team based on the issues that matter most and what the team hope to achieve during their year. This tracker contains all the ideas that your team were elected on, as well as ideas submitted by students – take a look, get in touch, or send in an idea of your own!

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Your elected Officers at the Union work with the University throughout the year to make the changes you want to see. This idea came directly from student feedback to influence our work as a Students' Union. If you'd like to share another idea, click here!

This idea came about as a manifesto point for your elected Officer team. Each officer has a manifesto that sets out what they want to achieve for students during their year, if elected. You can find out more about Surrey Decides, our annual student elections, here.

Throughout the year, the elected team of Officers that lead the Union work on a whole range of projects like this. If you want to find out more about what we do, get in touch, suggest an idea, or check out how you can become an Officer!

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