The World Cup is here, at it will be screened at Hari’s Bar in Rubix! – come and watch your favourite team play on the big screen for free!

Lord Falafel will be open throughout and there will be special drinks deals for the occasion:

  • Carlsberg Pitcher for £8
  • Thatchers and Selected Beers Pitchers for £10
  • 3 VK Sodas for £6
  • Post-mix soft drinks for free



Friday 9 December

3 PM: Croatia vs Brazil

7 PM: Argentina vs The Netherlands

Saturday 10 December

3 PM: Morocco vs Portugal

7 PM: England vs France

Round of 16

Monday 21 November

1 PM: England vs Iran

4 PM: Senegal vs The Netherlands

7 PM: The USA vs Wales

Tuesday 22 November

10 AM: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia

1 PM: Tunisia vs Denmark

4 PM: Mexico vs Poland

7 PM: France vs Australia

Wednesday 23 November

10 AM: Croatia vs Morocco

1 PM: Germany vs Japan

4 PM: Spain vs Costa Rica

7 PM: Belgium vs Canada

Thursday 24 November

10 AM: Switzerland vs Cameroon

1 PM: Uruguay vs South Korea

4 PM: Portugal vs Ghana

7 PM: Brazil vs Serbia

Friday 25 November

10 AM: Wales vs Iran

1 PM: Qatar vs Senegal

4 PM: Equador vs The Netherlands

7 PM: England vs The USA

Saturday 26 November

10 AM: Tunisia vs Australia

1 PM: Saudi Arabia vs Poland

4 PM: France vs Denmark

7 PM: Argentina vs Mexico

Sunday 27 November

10 AM: Japan vs Costa Rica

1 PM: Belgium vs Morocco

4 PM: Croatia vs Canada

7 PM: Spain vs Germany

Monday 28 November

10 AM: Serbia vs Cameroon

1 PM: South Korea vs Ghana

4 PM: Brazil vs Switzerland

7 PM: Portugal vs Uruguay

Tuesday 29 November

3 PM: Qatar vs The Netherlands

7 PM: England vs Wales

Wednesday 30 November

3 PM: Tunisia vs France

7 PM: Poland vs Argentina

Monday 1 December

3 PM: Belgium vs Croatia

Tuesday 2 December

3 PM: Portugal vs South Korea

7 PM: Cameroon vs Brazil