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Speak Week!

Welcome to Speak Week at the Union! This week-long event is all about amplifying the voices of our student community and creating meaningful conversations around important issues. We want to hear from you on the topic of “If you were in charge of the university for the day, what would you do?” You can share your thoughts and opinions anonymously through the ballot boxes that we’ve placed in various locations around campus. We’ve also set up an online ballot box for students who can’t make it to campus.

In addition to the ballot boxes, the Union will be organizing focus groups to gather more in-depth feedback from students on various topics related to each zone. These focus groups will provide a unique opportunity for students to have their voices heard and to help shape the future direction of the university.

We believe that every student has a valuable perspective to share, and by providing these platforms for expression, we hope to create a more inclusive and collaborative campus community. The insights gathered from the ballot boxes and focus groups will be used to inform our decision-making and to advocate for positive change on behalf of the student body.

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