Your Voice Zone Updates

We, as your Voice Zone, have been working hard this semester to achieve great things for you. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

In October, we successfully ran Bye-Elections and elected 3 new Union Officers. Please join us in congratulating Akeya, Zoë and Alexandre! October also brought us the relaunch of our Student Equality Network (SEN). They’ll be meeting each month to discuss ways that Surrey can break down the barriers students face. November gave us Speak Week. It was our first big campaign of the year with the views of over 800 students collected in just one week. This was an exciting chance to hear from those who really drive our work and mission – you! 

550 Course Reps were enrolled and trained and 20 new Head Reps were welcomed. Our Head Reps also held their very first Course Rep Social of the year. This took place in December and we had a great turnout. This social included meeting Reps from completely different departments which Course Reps said they felt was an awesome opportunity!

This semester, we supported Southern Students’ Union in their proposal to increase maintenance loans provided by Student Finance England (SFE) – for South East Students. Effectively meaning we want students attending Surrey to receive the same amount as those who study in Central London Universities.

At the moment, we’re getting ready for a break over Christmas and Surrey Decides! This will take place next semester and it’s your chance to either put yourself forward, or to recommend a friend who you think could be a great fit for the Union!

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