Surrey Students’ Union is the sole representative body for all students at the University of Surrey. We are your Surrey life. Our strategy is a key part of how we plan, prioritise, and deliver the work that you would expect from your Students’ Union in creating the environment and opportunities for you to have a full and rewarding student experience.

Our new strategy will guide how we set our objectives for the future improvement of our services and representative efforts on your behalf, so it’s essential for us that the aims we set out in our strategy align with what you think our priorities should be. We want every student to have the opportunity to influence our strategy, by telling us what matters most to you, so that we know we’re on the right track.

Have Your Say

There are plenty of opportunities for you to share your views with us and directly influence our plans for our new strategy. Expand the options below to read more about each opportunity to have your say.

Enter our Speak Week Giveaway

During Speak Week (20-24 November) we had a number of ways for you to share your feedback, from Instagram polls to stands in the Library. We also had our two question online ballot where you could share your views for a chance to win a prize in our Speak Week giveaway prize-draw. We had 883 interactions with students this week, which will all feedback into our strategy planning.

Find our Speak Week Stall

As well as taking part in our Speak Week ballot, we had a stall in the library on Tuesday 21 November – Thursday 20 November from 11:00 – 14:00, where we gave away sweets and asked you to let us know what values you want your Union to embody!

Take part in a Focus Group

We ran a series of focus groups during Speak Week with different groups of students to get a good understanding of your experiences and priorities for your Union. These took place from Tuesday 21 November – Friday 24 November and were held with international students, PGTs, PGRs, and final year students.

Attend a Rep Meeting

We invited Course Reps from various departments to meet with us throughout Speak Week to hear directly from the experts in what issues are impacting students in these areas of the University. We want to understand what matters most to students in regard to their education, so attending these meetings is a vital chance to have your say and share your perspectives with us.

Attend Student Voice Forum

All students are invited to attend Student Voice Forum to hear from a panel of University leadership on the current work being done to improve your student experience, and to directly question them on the issues that matter most to you. During the Forum, the questions you raise and the feedback you share will directly influence our priorities moving forward. Look at our What’s On calendar for the next dates for the forum.

Attend Sports & Society Standing

If you are a club or society signatory, attending standing will give you a chance to take part in our consultation too.

Join Union Forum

Union Forum is a meeting of all the Union’s elected officers, and your opportunity to raise any items you want them to discuss or act on. Joining us will give you an opportunity to share with your Officer team what you’d want the Union to work on and change for students in the future.  

Complete our Student Life Pulse Survey

Our Pulse Survey tracks the experience of our students at Surrey throughout the academic year, as well as your perceptions and experiences of the U​nion itself. Between October and June you will receive an email inviting you to take part by completing the online survey. By taking part, your views will be considered as part of our strategy consultation with students. You will also be entered into a prize draw for your participation!

Attend the November Student Equality Network meeting

The Student Equality Network is a community of students who are passionate about promoting equality at Surrey. Email if you’d like to attend.

Come along to a Zone Committee Meeting

If you attend one of our Zone Committee meetings during Speak Week, you’ll also get a chance to answer questions about what the Union should focus on in the future, and what matters most to students right now. You can email the relevant Sabbatical Officer if you’d like to attend!