The University of Surrey Students’ Union Community Zone fundamentally works to bring students together, and build the sense of community on campus and in Guildford town.

We are therefore responsible for the entertainment and outreach aspects of student life which includes events, as well as our place in Guildford and beyond with raising and giving, volunteering, and engagement with the local community.

The Events Network expands on our existing work by further promoting the core components of our Zone:

Raising and Giving


Community Engagement

This Network is essentially an additional volunteering initiative for students, and works alongside the Community Zone to:

  1. Organise virtual social events to build Surrey’s community online – amidst social distancing, students feeling isolated / self-isolating, and increased remote learning.
  2. Supporting safe, socially-distanced in-person events for students including events on Stag Hill Campus, Manor Park or Hazel Farm. The Network would also work with Community Reps to support students living off-site.
  3. Ensuring additional activities are run for students staying at Surrey during holidays.
  4. Feeding back on previous events, and suggesting ideas for future events, at monthly meetings with the Union’s events and venue teams.

In practice, volunteers would be recruited to join the Network which would be overseen by the Community Zone. They would choose an area of the Network to focus on, such as organising and supporting social events, supporting socially-distanced events, for example.

Day-to-day, volunteers would support the Zone with event planning and event feedback to certain deadlines and dates, with an estimated 1-2 hours a week. Regularly updating the VP Community and Community Zone is therefore required. Any student can apply to volunteer by emailing