Your Sabbatical Officers have written to the Vice-Chancellor of the University to request the University’s partnership in tackling the impact of the cost of living crisis on Surrey students.

Your Union has listened to your concerns and has produced a Cost of Living Manifesto; a list of potential initiatives and actions for both the University and Students’ Union to take to improve your student experience this year and help you through this difficult time. We hope that working closely with the University to achieve as many aims of this Manifesto as possible will make a positive impact on all Surrey students.  

Click on the link below to read the full manifesto and the letter to the Vice-Chancellor.

Manifesto updates

Establish a voluntary walking bus scheme between Manor Park and Stag Hill🔴 Not Started
Increase the frequency of subsidised and free events across all campuses🟢 In Place
Add accurate cost estimation to club and society web pages before membership purchases🔴 Not Started
Establish an access fund for extra-curricular activities such as Union trips and group socials🟢 In Place
Encourage groups to offer free events via STARS inclusion🔴 Not Started
Encourage community food initiatives such as a student allotment and Harvest Festival🟢 In Place
Develop relationships with local food banks🟡 In Progress
Set up a community Swap Shop on campus UoS & USSU🔴 Not Started
Establish a volunteering and personal development reward scheme🟡 In Progress
Ensure all core texts are available digitally🟡 In Progress
Offer all students free black & white printing🟡 In Progress
Establish a process to accept technology grant applications from students without sufficient technology to participate in hybrid learning🟡 In Progress
Repurpose outdated IT equipment to loan for use outside the library🔴 Not Started
Include cost of required course materials and any optional trips in module descriptor🟡 In Progress
Add unexpected financial hardship as accepted grounds for ECs, including increased workload in part-time jobs taken on to avoid unexpected financial hardship🟡 In Progress
Increase reimbursement rate for travel to compulsory placements (FHMS)🟡 In Progress
Review University of Surrey open bursary eligibility criteria🟡 In Progress
Staff access to parking permit scheme, season ticket loans, and on-site nursery to be extended to PGRs who support teaching (as defined by the relevant Code of Practice)🟡 In Progress
Re-introduce PGR free breakfasts🟢 In Place
Offer Head Rep benefits to PGR Engagement Forum Chairs🟡 In Progress
Increase PGR stipend as per the PGR Stipend Increase Proposal🟡 In Progress
Install additional microwaves and hot water in common areas across campuses🟡 In Progress
Decrease overnight room rate and offer use of vacant rooms over vacation periods for affordable storage🟡 In Progress
Prohibit the application of all disciplinary fines🟡 In Progress
Reintroduce free swimming in UoS & USSU. Increase the provision of evening catering options🟡 In Progress
Increase budget and loyalty options across campus catering services🔴 Not Started
Campus catering outlets join Too Good To Go food wastage scheme🟡 In Progress
Offer free sanitary products and free sexual health products🟡 In Progress
Introduce an affordable basic well-being membership plan for SSP, to include mind and body classes and limited gym access🟡 In Progress
Write to Universities Minister about concerns around cost of education in collaboration with the Southern Union’s Network🟢 In Place
Write to Local MP about London weighting for maintenance loans and concerns around cost of education🟡 In Progress
Challenge value for money from monopolies on campus such as laundry services and Graduation robes🔴 Not Started
Lobby for discounted bus season tickets (term-time only)🔴 Not Started
Develop a Student Jobs Strategy to increase the number of part-time jobs on offer at the University, and introduce the Living Wage for all part-time student jobs🔴 Not Started
Create a Cost of Living Task Force to progress these goals, chaired by the Union President🟢 In Place