What are PGR Reps

A PGR Rep is an elected PGR who volunteers to gather feedback and voice it to the University. They provide a way for PGRs to communicate their diverse range of opinions and experiences to the staff who deliver their academic experience, and to make change happen.

What PGR Reps do

  • PGR Reps will encourage all PGRs in their department to engage in discussions about their academic experiences, in order to collect feedback and ideas, whether it is positive or something that needs changing.
  • Represent PGR feedback to the University at formal meetings such as PGR Engagement Forums and the Student Voice Forum, and informal staff interactions.
  • Report outcomes from these meetings back to their peers and communicate any Rep Wins.

Becoming a Rep

If you are interested in becoming a PGR Rep visit the Becoming a PGR Rep page.

Contact your Rep

PGR Reps are there to help and facilitate open communication between staff and the PGR community. Contact your Rep with any feedback you have regarding your academic experience at Surrey to ensure you’re getting all the resources and support you need during your research.

Find your Rep

Below are the details of the current PGR Reps for each Faculty. If you are unsure who your PGR Rep is from the details below, please use this form to request the details of your Rep.


Payman Rad Moinpm00411@surrey.ac.ukBiomedical Engineering
Sophie Tudges.tudge@surrey.ac.ukCES
Hannah Caseh.case@surrey.ac.ukChemistry
Laurance Cumminsl.cummins@surrey.ac.ukCiv Eng
Wickham Liwl00645@surrey.ac.ukComputer Science
Fatemeh Nazariehfn00210@surrey.ac.ukComputer Science
Anna Salvian a.salvian@surrey.ac.ukChemical and Process Engineering
Shailza Sainis.saini@surrey.ac.ukChemical and Process Engineering
Alex Tengh.teng@surrey.ac.ukATI (Elec Eng)
Luc Harold Lucien Mccutcheonlm01065@surrey.ac.ukMechanical Engineering Sciences (MES)
Lauren Tidmarshl.tidmarsh@surrey.ac.ukPhysics (ATI)
Rucchi Ryanrr00540@surrey.ac.ukPhysics (ATI)
Jamie Neilj.g.neil@surrey.ac.ukATI
Samia Bakhtawars.bakhtawar@surrey.ac.ukSoft Matter (Physics)
Andrew Baileyab01814@surrey.ac.ukCVSSP (EEE)
Moira Shooterms02373@surrey.ac.ukCVSSP (EEE)  
Rob Johnrj00530@surrey.ac.ukCVSSP (EEE)
Al-Hussein Abutalebaa06428@surrey.ac.ukCVSSP (EEE)  
James Kingjk01168@surrey.ac.ukCVSSP (EEE)  
Simona Bisianisb02767@surrey.ac.ukCVSSP (EEE)  
Rogier Fransenrf00350@surrey.ac.ukCVSSP (EEE)  
Ryan Fernandezab03208@surrey.ac.ukInformation and Communication Systems (ICS)
Qu Luoq.u.luo@surrey.ac.ukInformation and Communication Systems (ICS)
Amirhossein Bayatab03208@surrey.ac.ukInformation and Communication Systems (ICS)
Mariem Cheminguim.chemingui@surrey.ac.ukInformation and Communication Systems (ICS)
Elliot Sullinge-Farralles00569@surrey.ac.ukMathematics
Ryan Pooleryan.poole@surrey.ac.ukMathematics
Laura Joneslj00484@surrey.ac.ukMathematics
Danny Owendanny.owen@surrey.ac.ukSurrey Space Centre
Charlotte Valec.vale@surrey.ac.ukFEPS Quantum Biology
Adam Burgessa.d.burgess@surrey.ac.ukFEPS Quantum Biology


Flo Fitzgerald-Allsoppff00200@surrey.ac.ukGSA
Yiqi Liyiqi.wang@surrey.ac.ukHosp, Tour & Events
Aram Gholamianag01938@surrey.ac.ukHosp, Tour & Events
Armano Romeroa.romeromunoz@surrey.ac.ukLaw
Beth Robertsbr00201@surrey.ac.ukLit & Lang
Razan Abuorabi Al-Adwanra01303@surrey.ac.ukTranslation & Interpreting, Linguistics (Lit & Lang)
Music and Media
Mohammad Makram Mareyemm02588@surrey.ac.ukSEI
Dean Inwooddi00143@surrey.ac.ukSociology
Christian Turnerchristian.turner@surrey.ac.ukPolitics
Eleonor Millse.mill@surrey.ac.ukSurrey Business School
Surrey Business School


Katie Nicolesk.nicol@surrey.ac.ukNutritional Sciences (Biosciences & Medicine)
Izzy Stokesis00330@surrey.ac.ukMicrobial Sciences (Biosciences & Medicine) 
Preeti Mouryap.mourya@surrey.ac.ukBiochemical Sciences (Biosciences & Medicine)
Tingyu Guotg00675@surrey.ac.ukClinical and Experimental Medicine (Biosciences and Medicine)
Oluwatoyin Adenijjio.adeniji@surrey.ac.ukHealth Sciences
Mar Estupiñan Fernandez De Mesam.estupinan@surrey.ac.ukHealth Sciences
Ming BaoHealth Sciences
Elizaveta Ivanovae.ivanova@surrey.ac.ukPsychology
Delia Ciobotarudc0048@surrey.ac.ukPsychology
Gloria Yoshkovag.yoshkova@surrey.ac.ukPsychology
Bethany Harriesbh00535@surrey.ac.ukHealth Psychology
Bobo Cheung sc01222@surrey.ac.ukHealth Psychology
Vet Med
James Adams ja01329@surrey.ac.ukVet Med
Angshumi Duttaa.dutta@surrey.ac.ukVet Med