Society Budget Allocation

Each society committee is given the opportunity to submit a development plan and accompanying budget request form between early May and early June.

The allocation of budgets to societies is conducted by:

  • VP Activity (outgoing)
  • Student Activities Coordinator
  • Student Activities Manager

The distribution of funds is based upon each individual society’s objectives and their wider development plan, as well as justification for each expenditure.

The process followed is detailed below:
– Approve all essential items from each budget and the review the remaining amount left for allocation.
– Approve all non-essential items with strong justification (i.e. links to development plan or objectives).
– Review money left in budget and allocate fairly as deemed appropriate by the members of the panel.

Following the successful allocation of society budgets, each society will be emailed individually with a detailed breakdown of what they requested, what was approved and the reasons why.

Each society is also signposted towards additional avenues for securing funding, including the Activity Zone, Forever Surrey Fund and Crowdfunding (through Student Enterprise).

Team Surrey Clubs Budget Allocation

Team Surrey budget allocation is undertaken over the Easter break after the submission of club development plans. The money will not be available until the start of the new financial year on August 1st. This is the breakdown of the overall Team Surrey budget allocation in to budgets for individual clubs to fund their activities for the year (i.e coaching costs, equipment, training etc.). Budget allocation is a group discussion between relevant Team Surrey staff members with each club discussed individually and in a randomised, non-alphabetical order. The following staff are involved in the allocation meeting:

  • VP Activity
  • Student Activities Manager
  • Team Surrey Chair (where available)
  • Student Sport Experience Officer
  • Student Activity Officer
  • Student Sport Administrator
  • Head of Student Sport

The following criteria are taken into account to when deciding on club specific budget allocation from the overall Team Surrey budget:

  • Previous year budget use (both immediate year and longer term)
  • Budget request submitted as part of club development plan.
  • Planned activity for the year as per club development plan.
  • UoS, Students Union or SSP strategic decisions
  • Known costs e.g. competition entry fees, essential training
  • Knowledge of future changes e.g. entry costs, student number increase/decrease, training facilities, equipment need etc
  • Professional knowledge and expertise.