Each club and society must complete a risk assessment before an activity can run, and it must be approved by a senior member of the Activity Zone. Please contact us before organising a trip.

Please refer to the risk assessment guideline document to ensure you complete the assessment correctly.

Ready to complete your risk assessment?

What is it?

  • Not just another form to complete!
  • Checklist of what could go wrong, what you can do to ensure things don’t go wrong, and how to react if it does go wrong
  • Helps you plan your activity to ensure it runs successfully and inform those helping you run the activity or taking part of procedures that should be followed
  • Prioritizes hazards and control measures
  • Determines if existing control measures are adequate or if more should be done

Why do I have to complete it?

  • As an organizer of an event/activity you have a responsibility of care towards your participants/attendees and ensuring their health and safety
  • It is your legal responsibility to make sure your activities are as safe as possible
    • Required by insurance!
  • Must identify any hazard to participants/attendees and put controls in place to reduce the likelihood of those hazards being realised to an acceptable level
  • In the event of an incident, a risk assessment can be used to show that you did everything to make your activity safe; if there is an accident, you will be asked to produce your risk assessment
    • Insurance requires that a risk assessment is completed before an event takes place or you will not be covered
  • For some more high risk activities further insurance cover may be required
    • Like jail break
  • If you are not insured then you are in danger of being personally sued if an accident does occur

When to complete a risk assessment

  • Every activity/event/meeting/etc. that your group organizes
  • You can produce a generic risk assessment to cover your main activity
    • Christian Union’s Teas & Coffee
    • Surrey Marrow spit kit events
    • Bar crawls
    • Meetings
  • You will also need a specific risk assessment for any other activities you organize or if you change your main activity
    • Trips
    • Practices/events at a different venue (off campus)
    • Guest speakers

When do you NOT have to complete a risk assessment

  • The ONLY times you will not have to complete one is if the venue/vendor you’re using has one already OR when you are participating in a Union sponsored event (varsity, one world week, freshers, etc.)