Making meaningful connections and having new experiences are all core features of a truly memorable and fun student experience, so we will tackle the barriers which prevent our members  from fully engaging in student life. We want to be the centre of students’ time at Surrey, and will deliver inclusive and accessible opportunities, activities, and events, and provide them with vibrant, accessible student spaces.  

  • 48% of students agree the Union has a positive impact on their social life, and 41% agree the Union helps them to make the most of their time as a student. 
  • Students have called for events and activities which celebrate the diversity of the student population. 
  • Experiencing a full student life on campus is a key priority for students, with an increasing number of students reporting that they sacrifice social participation due to financial barriers or lack of accessibility. 


  • YB1 Conduct a review of Freshers’ Week and welcome activity, ensuring we are doing all we can to give new students the best possible start to their time at Surrey.
  • YB2 Develop and publish a student success guide, detailing all the important aspects of student life at Surrey to engage with to maximise the student experience and achieve great academic and non-academic outcomes.
  • YB3 Conduct a review into the structure of, and resource and support, of our student activities programme.
  • YB4 Develop a programme of social events and activities that are hosted in our spaces that are not based around our traditional licensed trade activities.
  • YB5 Improve how we promote and organise our clubs and societies on our website and in our promotional material to better highlight the wide-range of opportunities for students.


Pulse Survey – Social Experience

Increase ‘The SU has a positive impact on my social experience’ from 48%

Student Engagement Metric

Increased engagement from students with the Union across all of our services and events.