We will advocate for our students and have a positive impact on their everyday life.

The wellbeing of our students has a direct influence on all aspects of their life, and there is an undeniable link to their academic success, social participation, and overall life satisfaction. The issues which have the biggest impact on student wellbeing will be our focus; advocating and lobbying for positive changes to improve their quality of life and championing accessible and comprehensive support when they need it.

  • 49% of surveyed students reported experiencing a mental health issue, who said their ability to complete assessments, socialise, and participate in academic life suffered as a result.
  • Every year, making a positive impact on wellbeing is a top opportunity to improve overall Union satisfaction.
  • Issues which impact student wellbeing, such as cost of living, safety on campus, and accessibility continue to emerge as themes from student feedback and consultation and causes of concern for students. 


  • YW1 Increased promotion of peer support initiatives as opportunities and services.
  • YW2 Develop a plan for delivering pro-active advice and communication tailored to different student needs and trends throughout the year.
  • YW3 Produce an annual Wellbeing Report highlighting the impact and breadth of our work in this area.
  • YW4 Ensure we focus on lobbying for, and providing, accessible services and events for all students across the Union and University.
  • YW5 Develop a range of resources that help explain complicated and important academic regulations, to help students understand them.


Pulse Survey – Advice

Increase ‘I would turn to the Union for advice’ up from 47 %.

Pulse Survey – Wellbeing

Increase ‘The SU has a positive impact on my wellbeing’ from current 42%