We will be an excellent, professional organisation that students can rely on.

To build on our current position as a leading students’ union, we need effective, sustainable, and well-organised approaches to developing our people, processes, and systems. We want our members to have confidence in the Union as an organisation, and for every interaction with students to be an opportunity to demonstrate excellence through our communications and customer service. 

  • Student feedback has highlighted that visibility of Union achievements and individual positive interactions with the Union would increase confidence in the quality of our provision for students.
  • Less than half of surveyed students say that they would actively recommend the Students’ Union to friends. 
  • Relevant communications has been a consistent area of opportunity to improve student satisfaction with the Union since 2018.


  • YU1 Develop and implement our new People Strategy to ensure we are attracting and retaining the best staff and providing the best employment experience.
  • YU2 Continue to develop and embed the new Union brand to help us improve how and when we communicate with students, in a tailored way, to ensure they are more aware of the wide-range of services we operate.
  • YU3 Work with the University to secure a better, or redeveloped, Union building in which to deliver our services and events.
  • YU4 Continue to develop the Union’s approach to our website and online systems to ensure that we are making it easier for students to engage with our processes and services.  
  • YU5 Develop new operating models to ensure financial security in times of changing student habits.


Pulse Survey – Overall Satisfaction

Increase the ‘Overall satisfaction with the SU’  up from 52%.

Pulse Survey – Communications

Increase the number of students that feel ‘Communications are relevant to me’ up from 40%.