We will listen to students and maximise their influence.

We don’t take it for granted that we occupy a unique and influential position as the sole representative body for all students at Surrey. At all levels of the organisation, we will be informed by the conversations we have with students, and will become experts in their interests. We will develop an effective approach to representing students which draws on this expertise, and will use our influence to achieve change. 

  • The majority of students aren’t aware of what their elected representatives are achieving on their behalf. 
  • Students who feel able to influence our decisions are more satisfied with the Union overall. 
  • Fewer students agree the Union is “democratic” compared to our other current organisational values.


  • YV1 We will actively focus on enhancing our expertise in student issues and trends, and promoting the Union as the experts in Surrey student life.
  • YV2 Conduct a review into how we run, promote and measure the impact of campaigns and campaign weeks.
  • YV3 Review the role of Part-time Officers and the training and support we give them to ensure we are best using them and their mandate.
  • YV4 Produce an annual Voice Report highlighting the impact and breadth of our work in this area.
  • YV5 Review how we conduct Club & Society elections, AGMs and EGMs to ensure they are being democratically run using a suitable level of organisational resource


Election Turnout

Increase the number of students engaging with SurreyDecides from our 14% current level towards 25%.

Pulse Survey – Sabbaticals

Increase the number of students’ ‘Understanding of what sabbatical officers do’ from 29%.